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Asami ♥ Taiyou

acchan |あっちゃん
27 September
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acchan ♥ taiyou

Welcome to my journal. This journal for my personal use to download things and babbling about real life.

I'm Adinda, from Indonesia but if you find my name is hard to say or you might think it's weird, just call me Dee or Acchan. But really, i prefer for you to call me Acchan.

I love all JE boys and lotsa other Japanese artists. But no, i don't like girlband from H!P.
I don't like korean as well but you can say DBSK and Suju are an exception though i dunno them so well. and i'm a great fan of Kamen Rider too so if you have something in common we could be friends :)

I love yaoi and lots of JE pairs but i love some Hetero relationship since i'm still a normal 19 yrs old girl. i speak bad English so forgive me for grammar mistakes.

I shipped YabuxShoon pairing and Ohmiya so much and Ayukawa Taiyou is my precious treasure.

I hate empty journal so when i found out you got one, i will remove you as my friend.

I'm a maintainer of yamabu and shoonaday and if you’re interested, come to fourfriends to read my fics. Most of them are about JUMP.

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