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18 January 2012 @ 09:07 pm
the sunshine brought me back to live !  

hey guys ! so, i noticed that i've abandoned this blog of mine for about 3 months. or is it four, i dont even remember :/
but the point is i am sorry and..... yeah, i'm really really sorry for leaving my lj and you guys without any notice. it's just kpop is so addicting


my real purpose being here today because today is January 18th ! if you're / were a Ya-Ya-yah fan, you will know how special today for me (and other Ya-Ya-yah fans).

i was into jpop around june / july 2006, after KAT-TUN debuted. they led me to this show named Shounen Club, where i learned about a certain Jr. group named Ya-Ya-yah, especially the dork one, you know, the tallest member of Ya-Ya-yah :)

oh, you don't know how much i cried when November 2007 came around. one minute i was fangirling over Taiyou and the next day, poof! hello Hey! Say! JUMP.

i can't say that i like HSJ at the first place. i used to hate them with all my might lol. even tho i loved JJE back then, i still love Ya-Ya-yah more so yeah, i used to loathe them. and the fact that they got their Tokyo Dome concert a month after debuting still irks me until this moment because even Arashi needed 7 years to stood there for their own concert :/  yea i hold grudges who cares

but it happened already so yeah, who cares about it now. new HSJ fans dont even know what Ya-Ya-yah is, who Shoon and Taiyou are so i don't really care about those anymore. all i know is i love them both so much and i will always love them as long as i live in this world :)

i wish my darling a happy birthday (i felt horrible for not making a post for Shoon's birthday /cries) and i wish he will succeed in whatever he decided to do because as his lover fan, i will always support him in anyway i could :')

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imma outta here !

p.s: you can add me on twitter @bananaperv ^^
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miss dee :3pandapaw on January 18th, 2012 06:43 pm (UTC)
yay i dident forget i knew it was comeing up
happy birthday to him ^^