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acchan |あっちゃん
27 September 2020 @ 12:00 am

                                                                                         F.O banner by aoranger 

Hey, this journal is Friends Only journal. so if you want to know more about me, you can read this entry and simply tell your name, age, where do you come from and your fave artist. note: if you're adding me without commenting here, i wont add you back. But if i'm the one who adds you or we're friends on fb and twitter, commenting here is not a must :)

Interested? here's my Twitter, this is my Tumblr and this is my Formspring (in case you wanna ask something)

And if you're here for the fics, just go to my fanfiction community fourfriends . no membership needed. mostly i write about Ya-Ya-yah and Hey! Say! JUMP but i do write other JE pairings. i don't take requests and i do not write nor read OCs.

My name is Asami and no, it's not a real name. you might call me Acchan, Hibi-chan or whatever you want, just warn me ahead, 'kay?

I love all about Japan, that's why i've been learning Japanese literature for about a year now. i'm currently in my 3rd semester of Darma Persada University, East Jakarta, Indonesia. and i'm a 19 years old girl.

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acchan |あっちゃん
10 December 2018 @ 09:35 pm
Hi, if you're interested, go to fourfriends for my fics. Mostly were about JUMP and Ya-Ya-yah.

picture by puppeteer8 

my inspiration :

Yamabu-thon by ladestiny92 & hibinoasami 
Okanoo-thon by yamapiislove 
Chiitaro-thon by hammiexsquirrel 
Takayama-thon by chibilover14     
HSJ-thon 2009 by kusanobabe05   
Okajima-thon by hotfruits & aliciaswr 
by keeconk &sashyacute

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acchan |あっちゃん
selling magazines PART 1

this one would cost Rp 60.000 (around $7) each magz but once again, hit me up on @bananahoe or comment here or email me at hibinoasami@hotmail.com, we can discuss the price (im desperate to sell them ok lol)

picturessssCollapse )

and a bonus !

I AM SELLING HEY SAY JUMP FIRST PHOTOBOOK in good condition, completed with DVD inside !!


the price would be Rp 280.000 (roughly $30) i bought it around $38 but like i said, we can discuss the price

thats it ! i hope you guys could spread this around because tbh i am so desperate for money ;;;;;;
acchan |あっちゃん
hi guys ! im cleaning up my room and decided to sell some old japanese magazines (2008-2010)

pictures !Collapse )

sorry crappy quality and shadow-y i took it in the middle of the night lol

it's Rp. 55.000 (around $6) for each magazines (bcs old magz, yanno)

if you guys interested please comment here or hit me up on @bananahoe or just email me directly at hibinoasami@hotmail.com ! if u wanted details of each magazines, tell me which one do u want and i will upload it to u :)

selling magazines PART 2
acchan |あっちゃん
05 September 2012 @ 07:50 pm

i got a heart attack when i saw that tbh sobs i just cannot believe his company took time to made his comeback public but knowing Johnny's, they do need to lay low for a while like Shoon did, but i dont care as long they came back :')

for those who are lazy to read the article, lemme just summarize it.

* Taiyou is now work for Ogipro / Ogi production, the same company as Nakama Yukie
* “殿堂入り 鮎川太陽オフィシャルブログ (Dendo-iri Taiyo Ayukawa’s Official Blog)” opened on August 31
* He made a comeback as a newcomer actor in last year’s New Year’s TV special 仲間由紀恵の蒼い地球5 (Nakama Yukie no Aoi Chikyu 5, Yukie Nakama’s Blue Earth 5)
* His latest job has been attending a press conference on August 29 for his latest movie ひとりかくれんぼ 劇場版−真・都市伝説− (Hitori Kakurenbo Gekijoban – Shin.Toshi-densetsu -)
* He also reprted to have a new stage play around September

Taiyou said it himself : “I’ve gotten comments like, ‘I’ve been a fan for 10 years’, ‘I’m from Hong Kong and love you’, ‘thanks for coming back’. It’s things like that that make me so happy. So let me say ‘thank you’ to you. To every single person, thank you. At the moment I’ve read comments 1 to 420. I haven’t read all of them. But I will. And I’ll reply to the ones I can.”

Read more at Arama They Didn't: http://aramatheydidnt.livejournal.com/4230623.html?

i am so happy and excited because finally the Japanese entertainment industry will be able to recognize him once again and who knows, i do hope he will make it big because he deserves it and has a talent for it :)


i've been supporting and will always do because he is so worth it :'D

aibabaibai !
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acchan |あっちゃん
02 July 2012 @ 05:42 pm
well, you guys know i never hang out around here anymore, god forbids knows why lol

anyway, as i cleaned my old laptop, i found unfinished fanfics that i wrote a couple years back OH GOD IT WAS 2009 I MEAN WHADDAFUQ ITS BEEN SO LONG  and uh... since i wont continue writing them anymore, i guess i'll just dump them on my fic community :/  



yea that's it...

maybe if you're interested you can check fourfriends

or not


bye :)

aibabaibai ^^
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acchan |あっちゃん
18 January 2012 @ 09:07 pm

hey guys ! so, i noticed that i've abandoned this blog of mine for about 3 months. or is it four, i dont even remember :/
but the point is i am sorry and..... yeah, i'm really really sorry for leaving my lj and you guys without any notice. it's just kpop is so addicting


my real purpose being here today because today is January 18th ! if you're / were a Ya-Ya-yah fan, you will know how special today for me (and other Ya-Ya-yah fans).

i was into jpop around june / july 2006, after KAT-TUN debuted. they led me to this show named Shounen Club, where i learned about a certain Jr. group named Ya-Ya-yah, especially the dork one, you know, the tallest member of Ya-Ya-yah :)

oh, you don't know how much i cried when November 2007 came around. one minute i was fangirling over Taiyou and the next day, poof! hello Hey! Say! JUMP.

i can't say that i like HSJ at the first place. i used to hate them with all my might lol. even tho i loved JJE back then, i still love Ya-Ya-yah more so yeah, i used to loathe them. and the fact that they got their Tokyo Dome concert a month after debuting still irks me until this moment because even Arashi needed 7 years to stood there for their own concert :/  yea i hold grudges who cares

but it happened already so yeah, who cares about it now. new HSJ fans dont even know what Ya-Ya-yah is, who Shoon and Taiyou are so i don't really care about those anymore. all i know is i love them both so much and i will always love them as long as i live in this world :)

i wish my darling a happy birthday (i felt horrible for not making a post for Shoon's birthday /cries) and i wish he will succeed in whatever he decided to do because as his lover fan, i will always support him in anyway i could :')

Glitter Words
[Glitterfy.com - *Glitter Words*]

imma outta here !

p.s: you can add me on twitter @bananaperv ^^
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acchan |あっちゃん
03 March 2011 @ 11:18 pm
shiroikazex a.k.a Saki-chan, it's not 4th here yet but

Glitter Text Generator at TextSpace.net

i know if i waited a bit longer i would've forget.
i know i'm not a good friend, heck we rarely talk to each other. but those time i've known you for a couple of months and the convos we did with crazy bitches a.k.a Eri, Au, Alice, Yuki, Mai and Rei made me feels happy all the way inside ♥

i hope we will be friends forever, even just as internet friends, and i'll try to be a better friend for you bb :)
wyatb !

Love, Acchan.
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acchan |あっちゃん
19 January 2011 @ 12:08 am
as i promised, i would love to post picture spam to my beloved 20 years old Taiyou 

picspaaaam~Collapse )

ummm i think that's it for tonight. might continue again tomorrow 8D
and i'm sorry, i know most of you already seen some of the pictures but hey, i only have these. you guys know perfectly there is no new pictures of him so yeah, you know.

good night for now 
♥ will dreaming of this gorgeous boy instead xD

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acchan |あっちゃん
18 January 2011 @ 01:12 pm
Hello darlings~

I know, i've been missing for a good whole month and the last time i posted here was Dec 19, just to cut some friends. /sighs. i'm so sorry for i was busy with some tiring assignments from college and final exam preparation which was held last week and i'm free this week so yeah, i will make a little spam for my beloved Ayukawa Taiyou because today is a special day for him.

guess what?

It's Ayukawa Taiyou's 20th Birthday !!!!!!

here's my short entry that i copy from my tumblr because i'm too lazy to make a new post XD

Happy 20th Birthday, Ayukawa Taiyou!

it's short but better than nothing.Collapse )


Glitter Text Generator at TextSpace.net

Glitter Text Generator at TextSpace.net
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